Factory & Machinery Moving & Packing

With more than 30 years of machinery moving and packing experience and expertise, Seagull Logistics is recognised as a leading and reliable ancillary services provider. Our customers enjoy total project management – time management, safety measures, materials and handling equipment supplies, work space dynamic control, communication and information management – with minimal supervision required from our customers.

In the machinery packing service, we provide general labour for tasks such as dismantling of machines, vacuum packing and crating, container stuffing/unstuffing and more. We provide high quality wooden crates, cases and containers to ensure cargo safety on transit. We can also handle concert and exhibition equipment delivery and return all over Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

We work hand-in-hand with customers when it comes to factory moving. Each and every phase of the process is discussed with our customers and we are also able to share our knowledge and skills. Seagull has place importance in helping customers reduce their production down time by working on a flexible schedule to ensure the production line does not get interrupted.

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